Foreward by Pancho Wilkins………………

I didn’t start out being a Cavortanist.

As a child I was taught the value of the  three R’s… Readin, Ritin And Rithmetic and the three B’s…Be a Doctor, Be a Solicitor or Be an Engineer. So you could say I was born into the world of R&B. But things didn’t work out.

Although I did begin to practice Medicine, I just couldn’t get the hang of it. I started soliciting but that came to an abrupt end when I was arrested and I was thrown out of the Institute of Engineers for engineering a failed coup. I felt I didn’t fit into the worldly world as my mind was in an altogether other place, so I decided to become a Man of the Cloth.

Being a tailor taught me much, but more of that later. Through working with fashion, I became something of a Flaneur, but not a popinjay I hasten to add.

As I strolled along the Boulevard with an independent air, I met a lady* fair, her beauty was quite rare, and I vowed that I shall woo her and indeed I did pursue her and won her heart and that’s the start

(… of how I became a Cavortanist )

* Her name was Dixie ( more of her later…..)