Hello..Is there anybody there?

Having entered the twilight world that is Twitter my first experience is one of wondrous contemplation.

Millions of messages milling about .. mirthy, maudlin, muddled, masterly, mysterious, moving, mad, malicious, morose, malodorous, memorable, magical, macabre, magnanimous, magniloquent, .. but you know that already!

The thought that occurred to me as I trawled the trillions of tweets of celebrities and nonentities was a SILENT CACOPHONY. So much being said in utter silence.


About panchowilkins

Boulevardier, Flaneur, Cavortanist and BonViveur .....dislikes Poodle Fakers, Cockalorums, popinjays and Ladies Fingers Ragout..
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6 Responses to Hello..Is there anybody there?

  1. Chase March says:

    That’s what I think text ultimately is, and the reason my blog is titled Silent Cacophony. You can say so much in the silence that is the written word.

    • HI Chase, I agree that you can say so much in the silence that is the written word, but I do not think that text is ultimately a silent cacophony. It can be, as I find in the frenetic life of Twitter, but text can equally be sublimely symphonious.

      As I tweeted to you earlier, you have chosen a good name for your blog. – Pancho

  2. Chase March says:

    Hi Pancho,

    I didn’t realize that tweet was from you. Very cool!

    I hope you have a great day!

  3. Hi Chase

    Good to hear from you again. I’m still getting used to twitter, but once I’m settled I’ll pop over to your place to say Hi.


  4. Thank you for a great post.

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