The Apprentice 2012 – Bilyana too good for Lord Sugar

I have been following the comments from the general viewing public about the firing of Bilyana Apostolova from The Apprentice 2012.

There is a majority optinion that she talked herself out of the contest in the boardroom. I think the majority is wrong. I would suggest that on this occasion Lord Sugar goaded her deliberately. He set her on the back foot with the following steps….

Opening statement..

1. [Lord Sugar] “Bilyana, there’s a general despondency towards you!”

( There wasn’t! Only the baying hyenas had a problem becuase they realised what a formidable threat she was to them )

Bilyana began to explain very professionally her role in the task and her risk analysis.

2. [Lord Sugar] So he moved the goalposts with a Total putdown… “This is a 2 bob outing, not a take over of Goldman Sachs!”

( This 2 bob outing was deemed important enough to be set as the first task to be screened on prime time Television, and all the principles of business apply, including risk analysis )

3. [Bilyana] ” I was worried about Gabrielle’s management skills ”

[Lord Sugar] Mocking…”Why WAS you worried?”

(Because Bilyana is a risk analyst, and saw a risk in poor leadership and time critical decision making ?)

4. [Lord Sugar] Bilyana, why shouldn’t I fire you?”

[Bilyana] “Becuase I’m a self starter from a humble background who came to England aged 17 etc”

[Lord Sugar] Another putdown … ” I don’t wanna her your sob story!”

( On the contrary, Biylana was listing the reasons she is capable of becoming a good business partner by quoting her actual achievements )


I have watched this programme and re-watched it to be sure of my arguments, and without doubt, Bilyana will be shown to have been right in most of the points of contention which arose during the task, and in the boardroom.

A. Lord Sugar argued that the shops on Camden Town are closer than those in Primrose Hill. Bilyana challenged him on that. Maybe not a wise move, but Googlemaps backs her:

Walking distance from London Zoo to Primrose Hill shops 0,5 miles
Walking distance from London Zoo to Camden Town Tube Stn 0,7 miles

B. In her summing up, Bilyana said it was down to Gabrielle’s poor management that they lost the task.

Gabrielle replied… ‘AGREED’ I repeat.. ‘AGREED’ but give me another chance!
Bilyana responded by saying ” But you’ve had your chance ”

Gabrielle shouted ” NO! NO! I will take the chance again!”

All three girls repeatedly pleaded to be given another chance. Lord Sugar was very restrained in his criticism of the other girls which I found quite intriguing? Gabrielle totally abdicating all responsibility for pricing, quantities etc, screeching like a petulant child about the blood sweat and tears that her devoted team gave her, and the girls standing in a group and deciding to take turns at selling, in the zoo !!

I do not believe Bilyana talked herself out of the contest and I would love to see a debate between her and Lord Sugar about his reasons for firing her, possibly at the Oxford Unon Debating Society? I think she would win


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